Best Bike Lock For A Carbon Bike

One question that I had a few months ago is what is the best bike lock for a carbon bike? I was looking at D locks at a bike store and was told by a shopkeeper that he would be hesitant to mount a D lock onto a carbon bike frame. Considering that D locks are generally


Best Couch Party Games On Steam

Gaming nowadays is quite dominated by one player games or games that you play online but alone at your house. Do you miss the good old days where people would get together to sit on the couch and play 007: GoldenEye or Mario Party like I do? Thankfully there is a bit of a resurgence going on right now


Review: JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker

Overview The JBL GO is a portable Bluetooth speaker. It would be considered a mini sized Bluetooth speaker weighing only 131 grams and being about the size of a pack of cards. This is a very inexpensive speaker and about as cheap as you’re going to get a speaker that has a brand name. It


Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones Review (After One Year)

Overview Bose are widely regarded as the leaders when it comes to sound cancelling headphones and these headphones are their flagship model (since been replaced by the QuietComfort 35’s). These headphones often appear at the top of the ‘best sound cancelling headphones’ lists. As a result they aren’t amazingly cheap. I have been using these for


Video Review: Kask Mojito Cycling Helmet

In this video review I share my thoughts on the Kask Mojito helmet. This is a very popular cycling helmet right now. I’ve had it for about 6 months and I explain the good and bad parts of the helmet. Kask Mojito on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2ainYBk


Oakley Emerald Iridium and Jade Iridium Lens Comparison

In this video I quickly show the real-life visual difference between the Oakley Emerald Iridium and Jade Iridium lenses (both green based lenses). The Emerald lenses are on the left on the Oakley Batwolf frame and the Jade lenses are on the right on Oakley Turbines.